Succession Systems LLC Launches New Website

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October 29, 2015 New York We are excited to announce the launch of our new corporate web site. Our goal was to provide visitors with an easier way to learn about our products and the customized solutions we offer our clients. The redesigned web site has an entirely new look and feel. It is interactive,… Read more »

Succession Systems automates trading limits and risk controls between brokers and the Montreal Options Exchange

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Message-level integration enables the rapid communication of trading limits between the exchange and brokers. March 2, 2015 New York, Montreal Succession Systems announces certification by the Montreal Options Exchange (“MX”) to integrate and implement a new suite of direct pre-trade risk controls offered by the exchange and integrated and supported by the Succession TripleCHECK system…. Read more »

Connecting the Spine to the Brain: DTCC Limit Notifications

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To improve risk controls, different systems across the industry need to start working together. Last month, the DTCC announced a real-time limit monitoring system to alert brokers if they approach pre-set capital limits.Could this help to standardize risk limit notifications across all participants? And, can we connect the spine to the hands and the feet of… Read more »

Market Access and Knight Violation

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In 45 minutes, Knight Capital unintentionally acquired a $3.5 billion net long position in 80 stocks and $3.15 billion net short position in 74 stocks. An algo, not able to ‘read’ the accumulated fills, kept sending orders to market. Knight’s proprietary trading systems were not tied into the firm’s overall credi thresholds. Read More

Knight Impact for Buy Side

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The SEC Enforcement Order against Knight calls for Brokers to institute fully automated ‘lock downs’, prohibiting orders from entering the market if risk thresholds are reached.Called ‘kill switches’, are you aware of the conditions that could trigger a lock down and how it would affect yourorders and position? Read More

A question of control Automated Trader 2014

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In striking a balance between speed and safety, frms that have direct market access must confront a daunting set of challenges. In the aftermath of the Knight Capital trading disaster, there is also increasing talk of regulators deciding for those frms what’s appropriate. Adam Cox reports on how the industry is re-evaluating pre-trade risk controls…. Read more »

Succession systems deploys market access risk management solution for newedge US and Canadian regulatory compliance

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Deployment meets Canadian regulatory deadline of May 31st and extends Newedge’s use of Succession Systems across geographies May 31, 2013 New York, USA, Toronto, CANADA Succession Systems announces the deployment of their TripleCheck™ Market Access Risk Solution to meet Newedge Brokerage’s regulatory requirements for automated trading risk controls in Canada and the United States. Brokers… Read more »

BCS Prime Brokerage Selects Succession Systems to implement new ultra low latency pre-trade market access risk system for proprietary trading

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Real Time system meets compliance needs for Brokers in Russia and in the UK September 9, 2013 London, UK BCS Prime Brokerage, the international arm of the largest trader of equities and derivatives on the Russian exchange, has appointed Succession Systems to launch a pre-trade Market Access Risk system, TripleCheck™. The system delivers ultra-low latency… Read more »